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Quality is furniture made by Freestyle Design

Address:           1601 Venables Street; Vancouver, BC  V5L 2H1

Hours:                6:30 am to 2:30 pm     Monday to Friday

Tel:       604-254-2031                Fax:      604-254-2710                Email:   infoming@shaw.ca


To contact us:

This book was upholstered by Freestyle Design for Princeton University in New York.

Here is a sample of what we can do, remember there is nothing we can not do:

             Restyling & rebuilding your frame with top quality hardwoods

             Reupholster your yacht

             Restore antiques

             Build restaurant seating or booths

             Build that new sofa/chair/headboard/bed frame you were dreaming about


For a quote, please call or email us for an appointment.

We can make your inner creative dreams a reality.

Choose which exquisite fabric you like best, rejuvenate your living room, bedroom, kitchen/dining room, office, and restaurant furniture or even your walls from rags to riches.

We carry major brand fabrics like J. Ennis, Joanne, Maxwell and more.

There is nothing we can not doCome to Freestyle Design and we will start operating on your upholstery needs. 

If you have a project, we’ll do it right.  All you have to do is give us the plans and it becomes reality.